Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Website and URL

I have a new website so please update your links to


Time for a Change : New Year New Look

I have been itching for a change for the longest time. I have never been satisfied with the look and feel of my website and blog but I just didn't know what to do. I was hesitant to join the legions of photographers that used ProPhoto because I felt it was so predictable and passe and I did not have the funds to go the route of paying for a customized website.

However, a couple of months ago I really took a hard look at Prophoto, viewing the videos on their website, and looking through countless websites of photographers that used their templates and I began to be won over.  And about a month ago after working with the wonderful Amber Brien who designed a fabulous new logo for me I bit the bullet and purchased a ProPhoto template. I found that Prophoto had everything I was looking for:

  1. The ability to have everything contained in one website (a blog and portfolio site). I didn't want the overhead of two sites when one was sufficient especially if it allowed for a great user experience and effectively highlighted my work and who I am as a photographer. I was not thrilled with my current provider Bluadmin and their flash websites, especially after I saw that one of my good photog friends had the exact same template as me. Also their support left a lot to be desired. The turn around time was less than speedy.
  2. The ability to have it easily viewable on mobile devices.
  3. The ability to make simple galleries and slideshows. Prophoto has AWESOME capability to create beautiful galleries and slideshows within posts and it's EASY! I felt constrained in the number of photos I could include in a post with blogger. The process of posting was tedious and sometimes I just didn't have the energy. And with my style of photography really evolving into one that tells a story of your day I wanted the ability to show that it a comprehensive manner without restrictions.
  4. Something simple, clean, and streamlined that fit well with my new logo. I always felt like my current blog was too cluttered not neat or clean and inhibited the best display of my photos.
  5. Easy customization. Prophoto has some great templates to get you started and they are really easy to customize. In fact at first it was a little overwhelming because there was so many choices, however, since I wanted to keep it simple it never got to be frustrating.
  6. Good support documentation. 
  7. More flexibility and control over my website. Since Prophoto is hosted through Wordpress I would now have access to all the functionality and plug ins from wordpress.
After installing it and doing a couple of posts I noticed that my photos looked a TON better on the Prophoto website versus blogger which got me even more excited.

I will admit that I am still in the process of posting some more galleries to the site but I am ready to shed these old clothes and enter the new year with a fresh new look.

So to go to the new site please update your links to 


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some of my Fave Wedding Photos from 2010

At the start of 2010 if you had asked me if I would ever want to shoot weddings, I would have given a resounding and definitive "NO" All caps! I was determined to do portraits and pets only. HA. The thought of this now makes me chuckle. I did my first wedding and I literally fell in love with capturing love.  I came home knowing that weddings was what I wanted the focus of my business to be. No other form of photography gives you the opportunity to capture such a span of emotion, feelings, and a record of the human experience in the span of 8 hours like a wedding. So I went from not wanting to go near a wedding with a ten foot pole to ending the year having shot 10.

I feel INCREDIBLELY blessed to have found something that gives not only my heart joy, elation, and fulfillment but also to be able to touch others in a small yet profound way. I am truly humbled by this opportunity from God and I want to thank all the couples that allowed me to come into their lives and document their special day. And all the great photographers that allowed me to come along with them, learn by their side as they practiced their craft, and who became not only my colleagues but my friend.

Enough of the mushy stuff now onto the photos


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sneak Peek : Baby M

I had the pleasure of being in the presence of pure unadulterated love this weekend.

More to come .....


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Union of Hong & Bao | Philadelphia Wedding

I was uber excited last month when Ericha Farrington asked me to come along as second shooter for a traditional Vietnamese wedding.  My very first! While it was a an elaborate ceremony I loved the communal feel and the intimacy of it. Bao's family came to Hong's home bearing gifts of food and most notably a fully cooked pig. The ceremony took place in the living room with close family gathered around to witness. Hong and Bao exchanged rings and then asked for blessings from their ancestors at their ancestral alter. They performed a short tea ceremony with their parents and then their parents and guests bestowed upon them gifts, blessings, and words of marriage advice.  

Then came the food, and tons of it. In fact Hong and Bao had a full meal right after the ceremony and then a 10 course dinner later that night at their reception at Ocean City Restaurant in China town. I came away knowing you are guaranteed to not go hungry at a Vietnamese wedding.  This was the first time I came home from a wedding bursting at the seams from food.

Some of the cutest kids were present at this wedding. They were peeking around doors the whole time Hong and her sisters and bridesmaids were getting ready.

While the women got ready upstairs the men were delegated to watching the kids in the living room.

Hong's ancestral altar at her home.

The procession of gifts from Bao's family.

After the ceremony Hong changed into a traditional western wedding dress. The first outfit change of the day.

Hong's niece was calling to her mother as she bustled Hong's dress.

Hong changed her dress to go around to all the tables and greet guests and receive gifts.

I was in the tightest crowd of my life during the garter ceremony. The level of energy was like nothing I have ever seen at a wedding. As you can tell my Hong's reaction it was electric!



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